9.0 Infrastructure Materials, Construction and Maintenance:

9.2Grid Columns and Footings, Rail Attachment:

Although Grid support columns (AGrid Columns@) are relatively massive, measuring at least six (6) feet in diameter; they are constructed using common materials such as typical high-strength concrete and reinforcing steel. Atop the Grid Column, situated by a series of shims, is a simple steel AI@ beam which spans the Grid Columns. The I beam is connected to the Grid Columns by standard bolts, much as bridge trusses are attached to abutments. The Grid Rail is completed by the installation of a continual (to the extent possible) titanium or stainless Cap, or in some cases may be completed using a poured fiberglass/epoxy or high-strength plastic surface. The Grid Rail is banked with shims to balance the effects of circumferential force in turns.