5.0 System Architecture:

5.8Weight and Other Common Elements:

Grid vehicles will have certain common elements in order to be Grid compliant. Weight is perhaps the most limiting (estimated to be approximately six- thousand pounds (6,000 lbs.) gross vehicle weight (GVW) however except in an emergency, Grid compliant vehicles will also be required to be fully enclosed during transit on the Grid so as to avoid the possibility of objects being blown, or suctioned, from the vehicle. Moveable fenders will enclose tire wells. Once closed at Grid entry, doors and windows will be inoperable on Grid vehicles until exiting the Grid System. Vehicles towing trailers, for example, would not be allowed Grid access. Each vehicle will have the equivalent of today's speed control sensors, both front and back, in order for the Grid vehicle's on board computer to recognize an impending collision and plot a braking solution and/or deploy safety measures. Grid vehicles will have both positive and negative electrical pickups which, when contacting corresponding power strips of the Grid, will provide direct current (DC) to the vehicle's on-board battery at a rate (at least) equal to the DC power draw from a HPR vehicle's motors and other systems.