5.0 System Architecture:

5.2.Grid Components:

The HPR Grid components include an elevated monorail beam, similar to a wide I beam in appearance. The Grid Rail is constructed, for the most part, above an existing highway or roadway, and attached to poured reinforced concrete poles with foundations as required for stability depending on soil conditions. The top (or Cap) of the Grid Rail will be seamless stainless steel, titanium or a specially formulated poured, plastic surface. The smoothness of the Cap will determine the quality of driver and passenger comfort when in motion. The Grid Rail is situated slightly above road surface level at the entry point, and rises to a minimum of eighteen (18) feet above the surface. After an HPR compliant vehicle enters a Grid entry point an approach lane (Grid Approach Lane) will provide sufficient length for a Grid Compliant vehicle to accelerate to full transit speeds before joining the mainstream Grid Rail.