5.0 System Architecture:

5.10Coupling - Train Effect and Drafting:

Once acceleration is complete, and a Grid vehicle switches from a Grid Approach Lane to the main line Grid Rail, a Grid vehicle will further accelerate to transit speed plus five (5) mph until reaching close proximity to the next Grid vehicle (or vehicles). Thereafter, an HPR vehicle's on-board computer will reduce the closing speed between it and the lead HPR vehicle to transit speed plus one (1) mph until contact. Embedded into the front and rear of the HPR vehicle will be a positive (front), and negative (rear), electromagnet of substantial strength which, through reverse polarization, will cushion the eventual contact between the lead and following Grid vehicles and provide continued cushioning after contact. The resulting train effect with a one (1) to five (5) pound push on the forward car, will provide for added safety (see Section 10, Safety of Life), as well as a potent Draft Effect which may result in as much as seventy percent (70%) reduction in an HPR vehicle's energy requirement.