3.0 The Human Factor in Vehicle Usage

3.1Attachment to Personal Vehicles in the United States:

Human nature, as judged by the public's use of personal cars, indicates that a typical driver, particularly in the United States, will be unwilling to give up the style, comfort, convenience and familiarity associated with his or her personal car or cars. Customization seen in almost every personal vehicle in terms of color, body style, power options, entertainment systems, trim schemes, aftermarket modifications, specialty tires, wheels and other options, makes it more desirable to travel in the vehicle that incorporates a person's unique taste and style. Typical rail or PRT travel requires a person to make his or her way to a station, in most cases park a personal vehicle and then find a way to reach a final destination after arriving at the destination rail station. A person who uses today's typical train or PRT systems does not have access to his personal vehicle once he or she has left the originating station. Inner city mass transit alternatives often cost more and take more time, than driving to a destination in a personal car, making a personal car more financially practical as well.