2.3"PRT" - Personal Rapid Transit:

In 1970, the first continuing, large scale, personal rapid transit system (PRT), was designed and implemented through a partnership between the U.S. Government, the City of Morgantown, WV and West Virginia University. The Boeing Vertol Company, Bendix Corporation and the Jet Propulsion Lab led the initial construction consortium. Today, the system (WVUPRT) is capable of moving as many as 31,000 persons per day to, and from, various campus locations and downtown Morgantown, West Virginia. Average daily use is 16,000 passengers per day. A standard WVU PRT car seats 8 with standing room for 6 more and travels at a speed of 45 mph or less Between 5 stations. While named a PRT system, the WVUPRT is actually an elevated specialty transit system or ESTS. The WVUPRT system was constructed at a cost of approximately $37 Million per mile.