19.0 Political Aspects - Analysis:


The HPR System would appear, at least at the outset, to be a transportation system that no one could criticize. It provides lower cost transportation with no need for imported oil, provides for zero (-0-) emissions and poses no environmental threat. Once fully implemented the HPR System would lower overall travel costs significantly, save an enormous amount of time for those utilizing the System, provide hundreds of thousands of new jobs at all levels, save as many as ten-thousand (10,000) lives and countless injuries per year, leave the existing highways less clogged for trucks, trailers and commercial vehicles, lower the number of old tires going into land fills by as many as 75 Million per year and reduce noise associated with vehicle travel by as much as twenty five percent (25%) in Phase III. Persons using the HPR System for lengthy trips would arrive relaxed and rested. Over the next century a Billion cubic yards of oil based asphalt would not be needed. American automobile manufacturers could revitalize their corporations and families could be together more often. Snow, heavy rain and fog would be eliminated as travel hazards and rough roads would make way for almost motionless vehicle movement at one hundred-thirty five (135) mph or more. Wildlife would be saved from the suffering of death and injury while crossing roadways and cottage industries would spring up to develop, implement and maintain the new System, its vehicles and ancillary programs. An entire new business enterprise would rise to support HPR operators including new sources of renewable energy and electrical generation and no one would have to ride in a vehicle that has some other person=s fast food wrappers (or worse) on the floor. A person who owns an HPR compatible vehicle would have the freedom to roll down the windows and roam the standard roadways or even go off-roading in the same vehicle he or she takes on the Grid. The foreign trade balance could be greatly reduced by exporting HPR System technologies to every corner of the globe rather than importing Millions of barrels of oil from many of those same places.