15.0 Vehicle Maintenance Considerations:

15.3Thrust Plate:

The most important component of a Grid compliant vehicle will be the vehicle=s Thrust Plate (see Section 11.7 Wear Surfaces@) which carries the weight of a Grid vehicle when in transit. The Thrust Plate, with its series of small solid wheels made of plastic or rubber will require replacement at twenty five thousand (25,000) mile intervals reaching fifty-thousand (50,000) mile intervals within a few years of development. Normal items such as brake linings and ball joints will require replacement much less frequently than in todays cars. In the design phase, a mechanism which allows for quick removal of one Thrust Plate, and installation of another, is of critical importance. These plates will be interchangeable in about the same amount of time as a typical oil change or tire replacement, and will be mass produced to a single design and dimension to take advantage of manufacturing economies. To keep costs low, thrust Plates will be replaced through an exchange program and rebuilt by various certified shops located at convenient locations.