12.0 Financing Construction and On-going Maintenance - Franchised Operators:

12.6Stand Alone Operators:

Each Grid Operator will be a separate, stand-alone, organization and required to pay all costs associated with construction of its Grid infrastructure as well as for a proportionate cost for the Grid >s central facility or facilities. The Company estimates the cost per mile for one, two lane Grid segment is, in 2011 dollars, Seven-Million Dollars ($7,000,000.00). One mile of HPR Grid construction can accommodate the same number of HPR vehicles as 3 lanes of ordinary highway over the same distance. In November of 2003, the United States General Accounting Office reported that one mile of a typical Interstate Highway, consisting of 3 lanes in each direction can cost as much as fifty million, seven hundred-sixty six thousand dollars ($50,766,000) per mile (highest estimate for New York State. GAO-04-113R, States Highway Construction Costs, Peter Guerrero, Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues). Accordingly, the Company believes that construction costs to provide similar vehicle capacity may be as little as fifteen percent (15%) of (then) current highway construction costs.