11.0 Quality of Design and Construction:

11.1Redundant Systems:

In the same manner that an airliner must be capable of continuing flight in the event of a system malfunction, in order to avoid blocking the Grid a HPR compliant vehicle will incorporate several redundant measures which will enable HPR vehicles to reach the next exit should a system failure occur. During Phase I and II, while using the HPR System, Grid vehicles will run solely on electrical power using each individual electric motor on two or four wheels. Each motor will be individually connected to one, of two, electrical busses through typical fused circuitry. In the event of the failure of one electric motor a Grid vehicle will be capable of continuing under its own power to an exit on one or more of the operating electric motors although speeds may be greatly reduced. If a Grid vehicle has connected with a train of vehicles, and is not the last vehicle, it may be pushed by the vehicles behind it to an exit and even coast to a safe position.