10.0 Safety of Life:

10.8Debris Field:

A (relevant) debris field pertaining to a surface vehicle is an area in which matter may be located such as fixed solid objects, blowing or floating objects, dust, pedestrians, standing water, birds, animals, detached vehicle parts and other vehicles moving at slower speeds, within the plane of travel (ADebris Field@). The Intelligent Highway System, for example, could not overcome the problems associated with operation in the typical Debris Field found at surface level along roadways and highways as one vehicle=s collision with debris might result in a domino effect or more significant collision between the first car and any number of vehicles following in close proximity or driving in the opposite direction. In order to avoid the effects of a typical surface Debris Field, the HPR System will be built on a series of structures well above a typical roadway surface and out of the Debris Field. Hydroplaning, a potentially deadly hazard on roadways is fully eliminated as a Grid System hazard since an HPR compliant vehicle operating on the Grid cannot move laterally away from the intended path of motion.