10.0 Safety of Life:

10.13Hybrid PT Standards of Safety:

An HPR compliant vehicle will be required to meet standards of protection that are more equivalent to those required of racing vehicles including a carbon fiber passenger compartment with direct cross bracing. More substantial windshields will be installed with fasteners rather than sealer and rubber gaskets. A solid roll structure using a NASCAR COT (Car of Tomorrow©) style frame will insure that head areas are protected from upper car impact. Doors will be secured using aircraft-type securing mechanisms and an emergency evacuation mechanism will be installed. Instead of today=s typical air bags, a complete internal air bag and restraint system will gently deploy around all passengers in the event an HPR vehicles computer recognizes an impending collision. As a vehicle operating on the Grid will sense a collision several seconds ahead of the event, the danger of high explosive air bag deployment is eliminated during Grid transit in favor of a slower delivery of inflation pressure. An on-board automatic fire extinguishing system will be mandatory. Luxury interiors will still provide comfort and style although modified for the additional vehicle strengthening.