10.0 Safety of Life:

10.10Lessons From Race Car Technology and Safety:

A typical INDY CAR is made with a Carbon Fiber chassis or driver capsule. The material, although expensive, is light weight and the resulting chassis is almost impossible to crush during impact at racing speeds. Large structures capable of damaging other cars, and which could separate from a car during an accident are tied to the chassis with supplemental straps or wires. Deformable structures, which absorb energy during impact, as much as sixteen (16) inches thick, protect the driver on each side of the vehicle. Typical street vehicle structures are mostly pressed, thin metal with occasional metal support beams for internal strength. NASCAR requires the use of Acages@ or Aroll cages@ which are large metal tube structures welded and cross braced internally to protect the driver from one hundred-ninety (190) mph impact from any direction. Special fuel system features include automatic closure of fuel tank openings in the event of a roll-over. Halon (an extinguishing chemical), is automatically released to protect from any fire that may erupt.