10.0 Safety of Life:

10.1Highway Deaths and Injuries:

During 2009, approximately thirty-thousand (30,000) people were killed in the United States in traffic related accidents. Thousands more were critically, and permanently, injured. Vehicle design, roadways and driver impairment are causal factors. Highway deaths have routinely average around forty thousand (40,000) per year during the past decade, even though a multitude of Anew@ safety features have been touted by the automobile manufacturers. Developed countries have come to accept such fatalities and injuries as "normal and acceptable". Most drivers generally believe that traffic deaths and serious injuries just Awon=t happen@ to their friends, children and other family members. Well over ninety- nine percent (99%) of all public highway funds are spent on more and wider roadways with less than 1% going to install physical safety barriers (such as guardrails) and other safety features on existing roadways.